AS6456 / / Altopia Corporation Peering Policy

  • Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) peering.
  • Settlement-Free interconnection peering only.
  • We do not provide connectivity or transit services.
  • Peering is voluntary and may be terminated for any reason, with 30 days notice to the other party, or without notice if necessary for network stability.
We are:

   Router 1:
     IPv6: 2001:504:16::1938

   Router 2:
     IPv6: 2001:504:16::297:0:1938
   IPv6: 2001:504:16::1938/64
   ASN: 6456
   IRR as-set: AS-ALTOPIA (RIPE)
   IRR v4 routes: RS-ALTOPIA-v4-ROUTES  (RIPE)
   IRR v6 routes: RS-ALTOPIA-v6-ROUTES  (RIPE)
   Max prefixes: 20

   MTU 9000 peering: also available