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20 Years:

As of 2015, Altopia has been in business for 20 years! I am proud to say that we still have customers from 1995. Looking forward to the next 20...

-- Chris Caputo, Chief Geek

TLS/SSL security & privacy enhancements:

April 15th, 2014: The rating for at Qualys SSL Labs is now an A.
December 13th, 2014: For SSL, we now require TLS 1.0 or better. SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0 are considered insecure and at Altopia we prefer real security over a false sense of security. As an existing customer, if you need a free month or two to offset the cost of a newsreader upgrade, please email Insecure port 666 is also offered as an option if you still need to use insecure SSL 3.0.


April 8th, 2014: We have upgraded the version of OpenSSL used with the web site and the news servers so that they are not vulnerable to the "Heartbleed" security hole. We are also using a new TLS/SSL certificate.

More Retention:

July 2011: 51 TB (46 TiB) of new storage has been activated. To see the impact as it comes online, check out our retention charts.
June 2011: 147 TB (133 TiB) of new storage has been activated.
July 2010: 28 TB (25 TiB) of new storage has been activated.

Referral Experiment:

Attention Customers: When a successfully billed new customer signs up and mentions your email address or the message-id of a Usenet post you make from Altopia (no spamming!, less than 30 days old), your account will receive a free month of service. Multiple free months are possible.
Also, if you want a unique token to identify your account, so that you can mention it in a web page / blog entry, please email and we will generate one for you to share.
More customers == more revenue == more storage capacity and faster systems.

64-bit Article Numbers:

June 2010: The server software has been upgraded to support 64-bit article numbers.

Unthrottled Offerings:

March 2008: We have introduced accounts with no speed limits and no limits on downloads. TLS/SSL included, of course!

TLS/SSL For All:

March 2008: We have enabled TLS/SSL for all accounts. If your newsreader supports NNTP over TLS/SSL, configure your reader to point to port 563 and you should be good to go.


May 2009: This web site and the news servers are now accessible via IPv6. The IPv6 news server name is "".

Risk Free Guarantee:

If within the first two weeks of service you decide you are not completely satisfied, email to request a full refund.
Limit of one refund per customer per year. Abusers are not eligible.

ISP / Usenet Outsourcing:

Altopia can save your company money! Contact if interested in outsourcing your Usenet services or reducing your present outsourcing costs. Free trial! No commit!
If you peer with Altopia at the SIX, you could be saving on transit costs too!