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About Altopia

Altopia Corporation was founded in 1995. We provide Usenet services to individuals and organizations.

In 1992 our founder was one of the system administrators for his university's computer science undergraduate Ultrix server. He configured a Usenet site on the server and it was used by many students. One day a staff member with the department instructed him to remove groups of a controversial or sexual nature. He thought the order was silly and anti-academic, but was eventually required to comply lest the undergraduates give up their valued server.

In 1995 our founder created Altopia. After having been compelled to censor a Usenet site in college, he decided to provide an uncensored service. Many of our customers back then were from schools and organizations which censored their Usenet service.

Since then we have worked hard to continue to be a source for uncensored Usenet access. In addition to carrying any group requested, we also try to push the limits on freedom of expression so that our customers can type what they want, without worry. (This does not mean we allow abuse of Usenet, such as flooding.) As a carrier, we protect customer privacy to the maximum extent allowed by law while we cooperate with law enforcement and copyright holders as required by law.

Altopia is a contributor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Altopia is powered by open source software (INN, Linux, Gentoo, Apache, PostgreSQL, BIRD, Keepalived, etc.) and contributes code back to the community.